Mature Readers

Native Love Jams

Rainy Bay Romance series, volume 1 by Tashia Hart (pub date tba)

Winnow’s latest gig is to forage and cook for a week at Rainy Bay rez’s inaugural Indigenous Food Days. A reservation-wide celebration of the local food systems, Indigenous Food Days welcomes guests from Indigenous Nations across the continent. Winnow arrives to Rainy Bay the day after deciding to leave her fiancé Chris, who’s out of town with his childhood friend Amy and unaware of her intentions. All she wants is to relax, meet new people, cook, and forget about her cheating ex. As she spends time with her host Niigaanii over the course of the week, the problems she thought she’d left behind start cropping up and sorting themselves out in unexpected and hilarious ways. While the village of Rainy Bay works out the kinks with its first Indigenous Food Days, Winnow works out the kinks in her love life.

Illustration is from the book Peggy Flanagan: Ogimaa Kwe, Lieutenant Governor  (Wise Ink Creative Publishing, 2020) by Jessica Engelking (Author), Tashia Hart (Illustrator).
The floral pattern on the blanket is by Sarah Agaton Howes. Miigwech!